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Author: The GameRoom Blog

Preparing for an All-nighter: How to do it Right

We’ve all pulled an all-nighter every now and then. Well, to be honest, it’s probably more often than you’d like to admit. In fact, some gamers live the all-nighter life. But for many of us, it’s something we can only manage on the weekend. So, the next time you’re planning to stay up well past your bedtime, do yourself a favor and get yourself prepped the right way. First things first, you need to make sure that you get enough sleep the night before, so sleep in as late as you can or take a tactical two-hour nap as...

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Are You Ready for Virtual Game Rooms?

After close to two decades spent in the dark and damp basement where failed entertainment devices go to die — virtual reality has finally returned to the spotlight. VR has been refreshed by the continuous evolution of sensors, screens, and computer processing power. Back in the day, the virtual world was blocky, choppy and could easily make you sick to your stomach. Today VR can be completely lifelike and impressively immersive. VR is expected to have a myriad of applications, from education to engineering, yet it is expected to have the biggest impact on the world of entertainment. At least initially… In...

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2016: A Most Disappointing Year for Pinball

A post on a recent local pinball discussion forum read: “It seems like it’s a good time to be a pinhead. People are taking delivery of TBL, Stern has Batman 66 coming out soon, and I just read that both JJP and Spooky will be unveiling their third games before too long. There have also been rumors of a CCR or AFMR.” I have heard this a lot. “This will be the best year pinball has had since the good old days!” Sorry, but I disagree. Despite all of the promise and hubbub — this has been a horribly...

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A Forgotten Monstrous Gem of a Pinball

Here is the situation I was in recently. I had the itch. You probably know about this yourself. It is that itch to get a new machine in your game room. It just hits you after awhile. As great as your list of games may be — eventually you just have the hunger for something new. If you have unlimited game funds and space — this is not a very big challenge. But most of us have a limited budget and arcade games and pinball machines are huge — so we have very limited space also. That was my...

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2015 Pinball Machine of the Year

Doing a game of the year in past years seemed a bit silly as so few pinball machines were being made. But considering that there are now several companies working on producing pinball machines, it seems like the time has come. There were a number of really good pinball machines that were released in the past year. 2015 was a wonderful year for pinball. Look back on 2015 we saw a new KISS machine released by Stern featuring gorgeous artwork by the artist of the original Bally KISS machine. Stern’s Steve Ritchie released a great new Game of Thrones game with blinding lighting and...

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