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Get Rich Playing Pinball

I don’t know about you…but when I visit Vegas I avoid slot machines. Being a pinball machine fan, this goes against my inclinations as I love the lights, sounds, and such that they offer. But what bugs me is that there is no real skill involved. It just feels like luck. After pulling the handle a few times, I am usually ready to move on to a game that involves my brain a bit more (such as black jack). Many people head online to sites such as to play casino games. However, if you prefer the land-based casino experience there...

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How to Create the Ultimate Gaming Lair

If you are male, married and own a shed, there is every chance that you have converted this space into a secluded refuge from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Some of you may even have converted this space into a gaming lair, and to these individual we must all doff our cap in acknowledgement. This represents a dream for most men, especially those who have difficult, challenging or downright mundane careers. After a difficult day, there is no finer way for gamers to unwind than relaxing as they play their favorite titles within a compact, cozy and...

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5 Insane Slot Machines We Want In Our Games Room

We all love Las Vegas. Whether we’ve been or not, we’re transfixed by the city. The shows, the fights, the bright neon lights, and of course the gambling which sees millions flock to the city every year to have a pull on their favorite one arm bandits. But what if the trip to Vegas wasn’t necessary? What if there was a slot-machine sized spot in your home to game the evening away? Well if there is, and you have a spare few hundred dollars, why not bring the casino to you? There are some insanely cool machines out there,...

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Pinball Review: The Getaway

Fast-paced sequel to the 1986 game High Speed. Steve Ritchie basically took High Speed and juiced it up a bit. Year of Production: 1992 Production Run: 13,259 Notable Features: Supercharger — a magnetic ball accelerator. Collector Rating: B Getaway is not very expensive compared to many other games of its era, but is a fairly desirable game. Certainly not one you will have difficulty selling down the road. Player Rating: B Very fun game to play with the classic High Speed elements in place. The Supercharger is a fun toy and the rules are certainly deeper than High Speed. If only they had...

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What Truly are the Top Ten Modern Pinball Machines of All-Time?

Let’s scientifically figure out the best modern pinball machines of all time. First let’s look at the top 20 list from Pinside. Medieval Madness Twilight Zone Attack from Mars Monster Bash The Addams Family Lord of the Rings AC/DC (Premium/LE) Indiana Jones: The Pinball Adventure Theatre of Magic Tales of the Arabian Nights Spider-Man Star Trek: The Next Generation Scared Stiff Metallica (Premium/LE) Cirqus Voltaire White Water Star Trek (Premium/LE) Metallica (Pro) The Simpsons Pinball Party TRON: Legacy (Pro) Anything released in the past year or so is getting removed. With the honeymoon effect, many new games pop up...

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