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Author: The GameRoom Blog

Pinball Review: Fireball Classic

A 1970’s EM classic reborn with 80’s solid state technology Year of Production: 1985 Production Run: 2,000 Notable Features: Rotating disk in the middle of the playfield that changes the direction of the ball. Collector Rating: C Strangely unpopular game considering the original Fireball is still very highly sought after. Player Rating: B+  Obviously this is a simpler game, but do not think it is easy. With huge outlanes and the spinning disk to deal with — ball times on this game are extremely low. It is very challenging to keep all 3 balls in play for any length of time. Overview A modern remake...

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Dorothy vs Angus — A Pinball Showdown

The most talked about and touted pinball machine of 2012 was Stern’s AC/DC Premium (and Limited Edition) pinball machine. AC/DC was a giant hit for Stern and brought a classic music-themed pinball machine to fans that had been aching for something like that for years. 2013 saw the advent of a new player in the pinball game. Jersey Jack Pinball released their Wizard of Oz pinball machine. Wizard of Oz promised many new features and technologies never seen in a pinball machine and generated a lot of buzz. Both of these machines are still readily available to purchase new....

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New Slot Machine Book Delivers a Jackpot

Coin-op collectors are not like most people. Lugging around huge and heavy machines into our homes would not be considered grounds for excitement to most. Since we are in the minority, we do not have access products made especially for us on a constant basis. But when such items are released into the marketplace, it is cause for celebration. With that in mind I would like to celebrate a new book. It is More Automatic Pleasures – The Slot Machine Revolution by Nic Costa. This book is a giant slice of slot machine heaven. Nearly 200 pages of content about...

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The Invention of Punk Rock and the Unheard Classic Album

I grew up thinking that The Ramones were the first true punk rock band. The Ramones started gigging in New York in 1974 and in 1976 released their first album. But I have just learned that there was a punk band that started in 1971 and recorded an album in 1974 that nobody ever knew about. My mind is officially blown. You see…the record was never released. Only a single 45 made it out on the streets (fetching hundreds on eBay) and seemingly only a few locals ever knew they existed. Until now… The band was called Death and...

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The New Metallica Pinball Machine is Very Heavy Indeed

Thoughts on the New Machine by Stern Pinball I have been one of Stern’s harshest critics, but I am happy to eat some crow on their upcoming new pinball machine. The pictures of the upcoming Metallica pinball machine are simply stunning. This is probably the best looking pinball machine that Stern has ever produced. Featuring smokin’ artwork by Dirty Donny, I am lusting after this game very heavily. That may not sound like much…but I absolutely am not a fan of Metallica at all. I just never enjoyed their music. If I even was half of a fan, I...

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