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Cozy Coastal Town Now Home to Pinball Palace

Sometimes life surprises you in ways you could never imagine. We moved to the small beach town of Brunswick, Georgia almost 15 years ago. My wife and I were looking to escape the congestion and traffic of the Washington, DC area and move to a more family-friendly town. I never missed the DC area much, but […]


Are You Ready for Virtual Game Rooms?

After close to two decades spent in the dark and damp basement where failed entertainment devices go to die — virtual reality has finally returned to the spotlight.


2016: A Most Disappointing Year for Pinball

A post on a recent local pinball discussion forum read: “It seems like it’s a good time to be a pinhead. People are taking delivery of TBL, Stern has Batman 66 coming out soon, and I just read that both JJP and Spooky will be unveiling their third games before too long. There have also […]


A Forgotten Monstrous Gem of a Pinball

Here is the situation I was in recently. I had the itch. You probably know about this yourself. It is that itch to get a new machine in your game room. It just hits you after awhile.


2015 Pinball Machine of the Year

Doing a game of the year in past years seemed a bit silly as so few pinball machines were being made. But considering that there are now several companies working on producing pinball machines, it seems like the time has come. There were a number of really good pinball machines that were released in the past year.


What Truly are the Top Ten Modern Pinball Machines of All-Time?

Let’s scientifically figure out the best modern pinball machines of all time. First let’s look at the top 20 list from Pinside. Medieval Madness Twilight Zone Attack from Mars Monster Bash The Addams Family Lord of the Rings AC/DC (Premium/LE) Indiana Jones: The Pinball Adventure Theatre of Magic Tales of the Arabian Nights Spider-Man Star […]


The Top Ten Best Bargains in Pinball Today

Pinball Machines are amazing fun, but they can also do some serious damage to your wallet. With new games selling for $5000 to $7500 and with many used pinball machines selling for that high or even higher — a little bit of bargain shopping can go a long way. Some even say that prices of […]


The Story Behind the Latest Pinball Magazine

Hopefully you have heard of the new magazine totally dedicated to pinball. It is named oddly enough Pinball Magazine. If you have not ordered your copy of the first issue, what in tarnation are you waiting for? This is easily the best print publication to come out for pinball in several years. Yes it seriously […]


The Top Ten Sexiest Classic Pinball Backglasses Ever

Do you remember being a young teenager going to arcades? Feeling awkward and filled with weird hormones? Being too immature and unsure of yourself to actually have much contact with real girls, we fantasized about strip poker games that never happened and were naturally lured to play pinball machines with gorgeous women on them. The marketers […]


Top 12 Things You Should Know About Wizard of Oz Pinball

After seeing Wizard in Oz in action at the E3 show, we had to add two more items to the list. So the top ten items now is top twelve. Cabinet Wizard of Oz cabinets are going to be printed directly on wood and then clearcoated. This will allow for striking cabinet artwork and should […]

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