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Rare Game Room Gems — Prop Cycle by Namco

Looking like something Leonardo Da Vinci sketched in his notebook, Prop Cycle by Namco is certainly one of the strangest arcade games ever made. Released over ten years before the Nintendo Wii stormed through game rooms, getting people to get all sweaty while playing video games — Prop Cycle was quite a trailblazer. I played […]


New Spanish Pinball Machine Reviewed in Detail

A new pinball machine has hit the streets in Europe and is out with their patented in-depth review of it. The pinball machine is called New Canasta and is made by MarsaPlay. Here is a game play video of it:   Basically the game is a very retro design, but with a modern build. […]


Rare Game Room Gems — Death Race by Exidy

Death Race was released by Exidy in 1976. It was inspired by the Roger Corman movie Death Race 2000 that came out a year earlier. The game was a one or two player game and featured an on-screen car (two cars if two players played) with a steering wheel and an acceleration pedal. You play […]


Relive Arcade Glory Days on iPad with Atari Arcade

Well the iCade now has some competition. I picked up this Atari Arcade this weekend and have found it to be pretty impressive. The Atari Arcade allows you to play the excellent Atari’s Greatest Hits app on your iPad with a real joystick and four actual arcade buttons. This greatly enhances the fun and ease […]


Does AC/DC Pinball for iPad Truly Rock?

Tommy Reviews the New AC/DC Pinball Rocks iPad Game Another in a long list of pinball games has been released for the Apple iPad (and iPhone). This release is by Sony, however it is another Gameprom developed title. If you have played previous Gameprom games, you already know how it plays. See Me Like all […]

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