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Get Rich Playing Pinball

I don’t know about you…but when I visit Vegas I avoid slot machines. Being a pinball machine fan, this goes against my inclinations as I love the lights, sounds, and such that they offer. But what bugs me is that there is no real skill involved. It just feels like luck.


We Know Medieval Madness, But What about Eyeball Madness

Well there is another cool custom pinball machine out there. I just stumbled on to some information about Eyeball Madness. This is a re-skinned JackBot. Take some eyeball pinballs, add an eyeball shooter, a giant video eyeball staring at you, redo the playfield and cabinet art, add some other fine touches and you have a […]


One of a Kind Angry Birds Pinball Machine for Sale

We probably should have featured this in our recent write up of the best custom pinball machines. This Angry Birds machine has a fit and finish that looks truly professional. Just in time for the Xmas season and currently up on eBay. This is a gorgeous and one of a kind machine — obviously took […]


The $20,000 Nintendo Pinball Cartridge

$20,000 can buy you a new car, help with a downpayment on a house, take you to an exotic locale for a vacation, or net you a factory sealed Nintendo NES Pinball Cartridge. What? Can you repeat that? An old Nintendo cart for $20K? That sounds like a totally insane figure to me, but I […]


The Pinball Book

For the Amazon Kindle Remember pinball machines? Remember when arcades filled with arcade games and pinball machines were commonplace? They are quickly becoming harder and harder to find out on location in the public domain. Times have changed.


Rare Head to Head Pinball Machine Available on eBay

Here is one you do not see every day. This is a Gottlieb Challenger from 1971. Only 110 of these were produced back in the day. How many are still around now all of these years later? One can only guess…but not too many for sure. This is a concept that has been tried with […]


Rare Pinball Holy Grail Currently Available on eBay

So who would like an original Big Bang Bar in their game room? Capcom only made 14 Big Bang Bar pinball machines. The game never entered production as Capcom decided to shut down its pinball division. In the years since, the game has developed a cult following due to it unusual theme, playfield toys, and […]


Driving Simulator That Costs More Than a New Porsche

Want the ultimate racing action in your game room? Do you have a nearly $45,000 to spare? Roughly $45,000 could get you a new Porsche Boxter, Chevy Corvette, Ford Mustang and many other fast and fun cars. But it could also get you the TL1 Professional Simulator. This thing is just insane. It features the […]


Nearly 20 Year Old Pinball Machine Found Still New in Box

My buddy Gerry recently purchased a still new in the box Road Show pinball machine for his game room. He was kind enough to share pictures with me of this incredibly rare experience. I am not sure how many classic pinball machines from the 90’s are still out there, but I expect the numbers are […]


Crazy Game Rooms of the Rich

We would like to start a new regular feature on The GameRoom Blog. We will call it Crazy Game Rooms of the Rich. And believe me there are plenty of rich people out there with totally insane game rooms that will blow your mind. Today’s feature is a mansion for sale at the low, low […]

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