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A Very Merry Star Wars Christmas

Many of us like to collect cool things and display them in our game rooms. My game room has kitschy items such as old metal lunchboxes, Pez dispensers, and old Mad magazines. My friend Gregg Moore is a huge Star Wars fan. Every year he sets up a Star Wars Christmas tree in his man […]


Game Room Coat Hanger Uses Real Joysticks

I need one of these for my game room. Santa are you listening? They use real joysticks, you can pick the joystick color and type of wood. Very nicely done. They can be purchased here.


Arcade Game Coffee Table is Pure Awesomeness

I wish I could scrape up enough change from the couch cushions to secure one of these things. It is an arcade gaming table nested inside a sweet-looking coffee table. Here is the description from their website: “Available in various finishes, combined with mysterious dark glass, these game tables cleverly conceal a vast playground in […]


Class Up Your Game Room with Art

Part 1 — Movie Posters for the Game Room Game room decor is important. A game room with blank walls shows a lack of class, culture, and creativity. So why not put some great art up on your game room walls? Art can be viewed as a fun alternative investment, similar to game room equipment. […]


The Beatles Yellow Submarine Pinball

Yes I know…this is not a real pinball machine. It is plastic and surely not going to play at all like the real thing. But it is the friggin’ BEATLES! It looks kind of pretty too. This might be a nice just to place on your game room bar or even hang on the wall. […]


Arcade Game Controlled by Eyes Only

Meet EyeAsteroids — the World’s First Eye-controlled Arcade Game Save the world with nothing but your eyes. This looks truly impressive. The only downside is that it is going to set you back $15K, but it’s only money, right? From “When playing the eye-controlled Tobii EyeAsteroids, your hands literally become superfluous. It is guaranteed […]


New Tool Promises to Make Pinball Bulb Removal a Breeze

From Mill Amusement, The Mill Bulb Tool promises to “speed and simplify the often-tedious task of removing and replacing the miniature lamps used in pinball machines.” From the product page description: “Assembled from two precisely formed stainless steel members whose curved tips are double-coated with soft, durable rubber material, the tool enables the operator to […]

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