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The Wizard of New Jersey

I am sure you have heard about the amazing upcoming Wizard of Oz pinball by now. But I am not sure you have seen a better video about the machine or Jersey Jack Pinball. This video is shot inside the factory, was done very professionally, and is something you must see. The video also went […]


The New 30 Year Old Classic Arcade Game

So what do you get for the classic gamer who already has all of the classics? What about a game that never actually existed? Fix It Felix Jr. is a fake classic arcade game from the 1980’s. It was built to promote the recent Disney Movie Wreck It Ralph. The great thing about this game […]


Great Pinball Time Capsule Found

A great video was uploaded to YouTube this week. It is from a 1991 pinball owners convention in the UK. Being that is is over 20 years old, there is a much higher percentage of classic 70’s and 80’s games on display here. Stuff that is getting harder and harder to find — even at […]


Making Bally’s Classic Xenon Pinball Machine

Just stumbled on this awesome retro Omni Magazine video about the making of the audio of Xenon. It details Suzanne Ciani’s groundbreaking work in developing the cool sounds for Xenon. As we know now, the sounds really made that game stand out. Check it out:


Ms. Pac-Man in 3D is Like Nothing You Ever Played Before

Take the classic arcade game Ms. Pac-Man, add some new age technology genius to the mix, some creative people, and what might you come up with? Something like this insanely original and just amazing demo. Why didn’t I think of this? Well I am glad someone smarter than I did. This has to be the […]


Steve Ritchie on AC/DC Pinball Rules

The man himself…Steve Ritchie leads you through the rules on the AC/DC premium pinball machine. Note that the premium and limited edition pinballs are very different from the standard “pro” versions. Check it out below:


Insert Coins — A Great Vegas Barcade

Game Room fans have had The Pinball Hall of Fame at their disposal for years now. The Pinball Hall of Fame is a great place for getting your pinball fix and they also have arcade games. But they are most certainly pinball-focused and do not serve cocktails! So another great place to add to your […]


Transforming Your Game Room with Spray Paint

Check out what the amazing artist HEKStyle did to this game room. Just a little time with a few cans of spray paint and the whole room is transformed. Simply an amazing way to radically make your game room your own.

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