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Pac-Man: The Movie

This is Pac-Man like you have never seen him before and ready for your nearest Imax screen.


Texas Pinball Festival Round Up

The folks at the Texas Pinball Festival did it again. Year after year they put on a great pinball show. If you did not make it, here are some of the highlights: General Overview of the Show Demonstration of the Amazing P3 Game Play Footage of the New AC/DC Premium Pinball Machine Other Pinball Game Play […]


Play Medieval Madness on your iPad

Pinball Arcade has announced two upcoming downloadable games to add your virtual pinball collection. One is Medieval Madness — arguably the most popular pinball machine of all time. The other game is no slouch either — the amazing Bride of Pin*Bot. Check out previews below:


Rival Gangs Settle Dispute in the Game Room

Imagine a more modern-take on the gangland classic film The Warriors. In today’s world, the gang fashion may have changed some and the music too. But gang members still look gritty rough and gangs still get in nasty fights with rival gangs. These fights can get bloody violent and might even lead to some bloodshed. […]


Finally a Sega Portable Gaming System

Editor’s Update: Possibly inspired by this homegrown version, you can now purchase a real Sega portable. We are big Sega fans here at The GameRoom Blog. I personally owned a Sega Genesis, Sega CD, Sega 32X, Sega Saturn, and a Sega Dreamcast. Sega no longer makes home consoles or portable gaming systems either. But their […]


Finally a Documentary about the Greatest Board Game Ever

We have not talked much about board games here. But playing board games in the game room is certainly something we do appreciate. What can beat a good tight and ruthless game of Monopoly? Speaking of Monopoly, a wonderful documentary film about Monopoly was released: It is called Under the Boardwalk: The Monopoly Story. Check […]


Arcade Tour: Crabtown USA & the National Pinball Museum

This video has two great arcade locations in one. First it shows a walkthrough of Crabtowne U.S.A. — a Maryland restaurant with a huge arcade filled with classic vids, as well as a ton of pinball machines. Speaking of pinball, later in the video is recent footage of the National Pinball Museum in Baltimore, MD. […]


Indie Game: The Movie

There are only so many motion pictures ever made about video games. Well the good news is another one is coming out. The even better news is that is truly looks interesting. Indie Game: The Movie is about independent video game creators and the process and struggles they go through in creating their games. I […]


John’s Arcade Tour Video

John has an amazing collection and just put out a new video detailing his amazingly stacked game room. From his description: “In the arcade collection you will see BurgerTime, Tron, Multi-Williams with Robotron, Defender, Bubbles, Stargate, Joust, Etc, Paperboy, Moon Patrol, Whirlwind Pinball, NBA Fastbreak Pinball, Revenge From Mars Pinball, Jungle King and Jungle Hunt, […]

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