Some coffee table books are like a dumb blonde. Pretty to look at, but not much to drive your mind and keep you engaged long-term.

This book is like the hot redhead…who also happens to be a lawyer.

The Complete Pinball Book by Marco Rossignoli is probably the first book to own for budding pinball collectors and enthusiasts.

This is a very thorough and almost exhaustive (but in a good way) book.

The book starts with the beginning of pinball history, before machines were electronic, had ramps, or even had flippers!

The book travels through pinball history feature-by-feature. It details the groundbreaking games that introduced one new feature or another. From the first game with flippers, to the first game with background music, games with voices, multiple playfields, and on and on.

The book is also filled with tons of great photography, game flyers, and other visual delights.

You may not be a pinball expert when you start reading The Complete Pinball Book, but once finished, you will certainly be much closer to being one.

This complete pinball book belongs in the library of any true game room aficionado.

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