Want the ultimate racing action in your game room?

Do you have a nearly $45,000 to spare?

Roughly $45,000 could get you a new Porsche Boxter, Chevy Corvette, Ford Mustang and many other fast and fun cars.

But it could also get you the TL1 Professional Simulator.

This thing is just insane. It features the world’s first 180 degree, spherical projector screen. It uses 3 projectors, has some serious CPU power, and is just all around badass.

So what is it like behind the wheel of this thing? Pretty much like being in a real (fast) car. The TL1 uses seriously realistic pedals, steering wheel, and the works.

Can someone loan me $45K? I promise you can come over and play any time you want.

For more information visit about the TL1 go to http://www.motionsimulation.com.