You would think that Pac-Man Fever would have died long ago. But there seem to be as many crazy Pac-Man related items as ever out there.

Here is a look at some of the more interesting Pac-Man items for your game room.

Pac-Man Ghost Table

This would look smashing in your game room. We all need a table to put our drinks on. It may as well be a table with style!

Drinking Glasses

Did somebody say drinks? Well how about these sweet Pac-Man glasses?

Bottle Opener

Well before your pour the brew, you need to get the bottle open. You may as well have an opener that also serves as a conversation piece.

Ice Tray

Maybe you are serving some mixed drinks? Don’t be square with your ice. This ice is mighty nice.

Pac Man Ghost LED Light

Have some empty wall space? Want to light up a dark corner of your gameroom? Boo!

Ghost Pillows

After too many brews in the game room, you may need to take a nap in the man cave.

Throw Blanket

Need something snuggly to keep you warm during that nap? You could do worse than this.

Pac Soap

Once nap time is over. Surely it is time to be finally productive. But your hands are covered in Doritos dust and spilled beer. Go wash those nasty hands!