Detailed photos of classic arcade games are featured in this new calendar by Katrin Auch.

Katrin gave The GameRoom Blog some background on the project.

“This is the first year I have done it. I worked in the videogame magazine industry for several years—most notably as the Art Director for GamePro magazine in the late 1990s and early 2000s. I started to get really interested in photography a couple years ago, and that hobby has turned into a professional career path. I specialize in portraiture but I’ll shoot anything.”

“Dan and I picked our favorite shots for the calendar. There are some shots we used that we’re not really sure what game they are, but watching Dan try to figure them out is now part of my fun.”

“In addition to being a huge arcade geek, my husband Dan Amrich has too many guitars, so I’ve shot calendars of his collection in past years. I asked if he wanted another one for 2012, and he said he had another idea. We went to PAX East in Boston in March, and the day before the show, we drove up to Funspot in New Hampshire with some friends. Dan had never “made the pilgrimage,” as he put it, so while he and Jude played, I decided to go around and take detail shots of the machines. The arcade featured great lighting for gaming and terrible lighting for photography, so I had to use a flash. I tried to be super careful of it showing up in the shots, because reflections off glass or glossy control panels would ruin the shot.”

The calendar is available at Lulu for $14.99.

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