A Very Merry Star Wars Christmas

Star Wars Xmas

Many of us like to collect cool things and display them in our game rooms. My game room has kitschy items such as old metal lunchboxes, Pez dispensers, and old Mad magazines.

My friend Gregg Moore is a huge Star Wars fan. Every year he sets up a Star Wars Christmas tree in his man cave. Gregg was nice enough to spend a few minutes with us to talk about his tree and about Star Wars collectables.

So how did you get started collecting Star Wars memorabilia? What was the first item in the collection?

My first piece of Star Wars memorabilia was the early bird package. It was sold in stores pre Christmas 1977. Essentially it was a backdrop, a couple of figure stands, and a certificate for mailing in to get the actual toys. Figures you would get would be Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia, Chewbacca, and R2D2. Those figures showed up sometime in February.

Kenner signed up for the licensing for the toys before the movie and were blindsided by the success — as it takes about a year to develop a toy line. And they used this tactic to buy themselves some time.

Do you still have the complete set? How much do you figure it is worth today?

I still have all of my original Star Wars figures they are all valued at a loss as they were played with. The are probably worth $5 to $15 a piece.

So I guess unless things are kept in the box, they do not hold their value well? Speaking of value, what would you say is the most heavily valued item in your Star Wars Collection?

And even the condition of the box. No tears, creases, edge dings, and even the clarity of the bubble the figure is in will affect the value. My most heavily valued item is my “A New Hope” Jerry Vanderstelt print.

I paid $150 and he only made 250 of them. He signed and numbered it right in front of me. If you can find some one willing to give it up, I would say it would go for $1500 to $1800. But it is the holy grail of many Star Wars art collectors.

 Speaking of grails…What is your ultimate Star Wars grail item?

A movie used prop. Like Luke’s ESB lightsaber or Han’s blaster. But those are unattainable and I could not even afford the prop replicas that were released about 8 years ago from Master Replicas.

If one were to start a Star Wars collection now, what would you advise they focus on collecting?

As with any collection, buy what you like and don’t intend for it to be an investment.

So where did you come up with the idea of the Star Wars tree. And maybe more importantly, how did you get the wife to sign off on it? Did you use a Jedi mind trick?

I started collecting the Star Wars Hallmark Ornaments back in 95. Buying 2 to 4 a year depending on how many were released. After years of collecting those it was taking over the main family tree. Believe it or not it was my wife’s idea to get a separate tree.

Which one is your favorite ornament?

The ceramic Jabba the Hut because he is a rarity. Or the Radko C-3po because its metallic gold and it real pops on the tree.

 Cool…well Merry Xmas and May the Force Be With You!

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