AR versus VR in gaming

AR versus VR in gaming

Which one is ultimately going to make more of a difference in the gameroom? AR or VR?

In this post we will examine Augmented Reality vs. Virtual Reality in the battle of the gameroom.

The tech news of late reads like a sci-fi special, where the concepts of the future are revealed to be a reflection of what projected to be a more far-off future.

Some of the trends for 2018 surprisingly bring the future right into the now. The coolest thing about these trends for us older folk is that we have been dreaming about this stuff for years.

From driverless cars to virtual reality and now augmented reality — to the continual influx of new and improved smartphone technologies.

Both VR and AR gameplay are representative of how technology is changing the way people will look at their world.

VR gaming is defined as:

“The use of computer technology to create a simulated environment.”

This means that VR gaming is made possible via the use of a VR headset, which in turn enables the user to view the animated or simulated environment as created by the VR game in question.

We already know that VR gaming kicks ass. There are some great experiences available today with the ridiculously amazing HTC Vive on the high-end, as well as the continually evolving use of smartphones and VR apps, such as Google Cardboard or Daydream View.

AR is defined as:

“An enhanced version of reality created by the use of technology, to add digital data/information overlaid on an image of something.”

This definition alone shows how the very premise of AR gaming is a lot about taking an existing environment and overlaying it with digital enhancements. Thus, augmenting the environment in which the gamer is experiencing the game.

AR helps defeat one of the larger flaws with VR gaming. VR gaming is not much of a social experience. A group of friends hanging around cannot easily communicate with the person who is actively gaming in VR.

For parties or social gaming situations, AR will be superior. Not to mention much safer since you can see furniture and other things around you as you move around.

While we have not seen much with AR gaming just yet, the Microsoft Hololens looks promising (and has games planned) and apparently Apple is getting into the arena also.

A whole new world opens up with AR gaming and the iGaming industry forming a cohesive product of sorts.

We envision a way to login to one’s gaming account on a reputable gaming site to be able to access AR gameplay choices as easily as you could something like the Party Casino gaming lobby.

Final Thoughts

The both have their place in the gameroom depending on where it is the gamer may find themselves in their player journey, and what type of game genre the player may be wanting to experience.

VR is more immersive with the simulation taking you to a new world while AR allows for a much more social experience.

When alone I will lean more to VR — while AR will be more heavily used when friends come over. Either way, we have lots to look forward to in our gameroom future.

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