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Twilight Zone Pinball: Romancing the Zone

Pinball Collector Becomes Pinball Developer by Ted Estes Editors Note: This article originally was featured in the late, great GameRoom Magazine. Ted Estes graciously allowed The GameRoom Blog permission to publish this great piece. Thanks Ted! I started playing video games at the same age as most people – my late teens. It was just […]


Custom Pinball Machines are a Game Room Treasure

An Interview With Brian Soares — A Maker of Amazing One-of-a-Kind Pinball Machines What gave you the idea of making custom pinball machines? Tell me about the first machine you made. It all started as a way to get my young kids interested in pinball. At the time they loved the Disney movie Cars so […]


Get the Party Started with Your Own Gameroom Bar

The Ultimate Guide to Building Your Own Game Room Bar by The Bar Guru So you’re ready to admit to your alcoholism, embrace it, and take it to a whole new level? Join the club. You’re about to add home value, fun and a possible fun family intervention to your lifestyle. So let’s go out […]


The Making of a Pinball 2K Virtual Pinball Machine

Ever thought of having a virtual pinball machine that can play hundreds of games? What about one housed in the unusual Pinball 2000 cabinet? Toronto collector and hobbiest Mike Wong has detailed his journey to build the ultimate virtual pinball machine for the game room. By Mike Wong I’ve always been fascinated with the Pinball […]


Game Room Essentials — The Coke Machine

I have seen many man caves stocked to the hilt that are missing an essential game room item. Every game room should have a soda machine — or what we call them in the South, Coke machines. When you are in the middle of trying to set a high score or are just hanging out […]


Vintage Speakers Bring Sweet Music to Game Room

Before the late 80’s brought along cube speaker systems, men were allowed (and expected!) to have giant speakers systems in the home. These glorious classic speakers typically weighed at least 50 lbs per speaker, were made out of real wood (not particle board) and typically housed several speakers within the cabinet. These beasts were able […]

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