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Rare Game Room Gems: Black Widow by Atari

Today we are looking at an underrated arcade gem from Atari in 1982, Black Widow. This is one of many vector graphic style games that were released during the early 80’s arcade boom. One of the interesting things about Black Widow is that it was sent to many arcades as a conversion kit for Gravitar. […]


Funhouse Pinball Machine Review

After Banzai Run, Earthshaker, and Whirlwind it would have only been fair to not expect Pat Lawlor to top himself once again. But Pat and team blew away any reasonable expectations with a 100% complete pinball classic in Funhouse.


Why I Bailed on Stern Pinball

In the past few years I have sold all of my Stern Pinball machines from my game room collection. I sold a Stern AC/DC Premium, Aerosmith Pro, and Walking Dead Premium leaving nothing but games from the 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s in the collection. In this article I will explain why.


2017 Pinball of the Year: Total Nuclear Annihilation

As terrible and frustrating 2016 was for the world of pinball machines, 2017 was a complete turnaround. 2017 pinball was an amazing year for great pinball. What do we mean by “best pinball of 2017” anyhow? This simply is the game we recommend to buy this year (if you can only buy one game).


Southern-Fried Pinball is Mighty Tasty

When I moved from the Washington D.C. area to the Georgia Coast (known as The Golden Isles) — there were no pinball shows in the entire surrounding region to speak of. There were none in D.C. either, but the Allentown show was not too bad of drive. Same with the White Rose Pinball Show. Down […]


Cozy Coastal Town Now Home to Pinball Palace

Sometimes life surprises you in ways you could never imagine. We moved to the small beach town of Brunswick, Georgia almost 15 years ago. My wife and I were looking to escape the congestion and traffic of the Washington, DC area and move to a more family-friendly town. I never missed the DC area much, but […]


2016: A Most Disappointing Year for Pinball

A post on a recent local pinball discussion forum read: “It seems like it’s a good time to be a pinhead. People are taking delivery of TBL, Stern has Batman 66 coming out soon, and I just read that both JJP and Spooky will be unveiling their third games before too long. There have also […]


2015 Pinball of the Year: The Walking Dead Premium

Doing a game of the year in past years seemed a bit silly as so few pinball machines were being made. But considering that there are now several companies working on producing pinball machines, it seems like the time has come. There were a number of really good pinball machines that were released in the past year.


Pinball Review: The Getaway High Speed II

Fast-paced sequel to the 1986 game High Speed. Steve Ritchie basically took High Speed and juiced it up a bit. Year of Production: 1992 Production Run: 13,259 Notable Features: Supercharger — a magnetic ball accelerator. Collector Rating: B Getaway is not very expensive compared to many other games of its era, but is a fairly desirable […]

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