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Arcade1Up Bringing New Classic Arcades

This hobby of collecting old school arcade games does not provide a constant influx of new products to get excited about. Such is the nature of an old school hobby. So we are extra excited to tell you about this new arcade game maker named Arcade1Up.


Get Rich Playing Pinball

I don’t know about you…but when I visit Vegas I avoid slot machines. Being a pinball machine fan, this goes against my inclinations as I love the lights, sounds, and such that they offer. But what bugs me is that there is no real skill involved. It just feels like luck.


We Know Medieval Madness, But What about Eyeball Madness

Well there is another cool custom pinball machine out there. I just stumbled on to some information about Eyeball Madness. This is a re-skinned JackBot. Take some eyeball pinballs, add an eyeball shooter, a giant video eyeball staring at you, redo the playfield and cabinet art, add some other fine touches and you have a […]


The Wizard of New Jersey

I am sure you have heard about the amazing upcoming Wizard of Oz pinball by now. But I am not sure you have seen a better video about the machine or Jersey Jack Pinball. This video is shot inside the factory, was done very professionally, and is something you must see. The video also went […]


One of a Kind Angry Birds Pinball Machine for Sale

We probably should have featured this in our recent write up of the best custom pinball machines. This Angry Birds machine has a fit and finish that looks truly professional. Just in time for the Xmas season and currently up on eBay. This is a gorgeous and one of a kind machine — obviously took […]


The New 30 Year Old Classic Arcade Game

So what do you get for the classic gamer who already has all of the classics? What about a game that never actually existed? Fix It Felix Jr. is a fake classic arcade game from the 1980’s. It was built to promote the recent Disney Movie Wreck It Ralph. The great thing about this game […]


The $20,000 Nintendo Pinball Cartridge

$20,000 can buy you a new car, help with a downpayment on a house, take you to an exotic locale for a vacation, or net you a factory sealed Nintendo NES Pinball Cartridge. What? Can you repeat that? An old Nintendo cart for $20K? That sounds like a totally insane figure to me, but I […]


The Pinball Book

For the Amazon Kindle Remember pinball machines? Remember when arcades filled with arcade games and pinball machines were commonplace? They are quickly becoming harder and harder to find out on location in the public domain. Times have changed.


Great Pinball Time Capsule Found

A great video was uploaded to YouTube this week. It is from a 1991 pinball owners convention in the UK. Being that is is over 20 years old, there is a much higher percentage of classic 70’s and 80’s games on display here. Stuff that is getting harder and harder to find — even at […]

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