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Share Your Arcade Memories and Win an Atari Arcade

The Gameroom Blog has an Atari Arcade to give away. What’s an Atari Arcade? Well you best go read this and then come back.

Share your favorite arcade memory with us in the comments section below. One person will be selected to win the Atari Arcade from all of the entries.

Here is my favorite arcade memory…

During the 80’s we lived in the Washington DC suburbs of Northern Virginia. Malls were big back then and the nearest mall to us was the Springfield Mall. The great thing about the Springfield Mall to me of course was the arcade — only the Springfield Mall actually had two arcades. There was the original Time-Out upstairs and the even bigger Time-Out 2 downstairs.

On my birthdays, my mother would usually just ask me what I wanted. One year I wanted a catcher’s mitt, another year it was baseball cards, and so on and so forth. It was 1982, the height of the arcade era and I was a total arcade junkie. The problem was I never had much money to play games. I was too young to have a job, and allowance money was few and far between.

My visits to the arcades were usually very brief, as I was not particularly skilled in any one game — and was pretty terrible at pinball back then too. Games like Defender, I would not even try as I knew my quarter would disappear in less than a minute. That game was just too hard for me…and I still avoid it to this day.

Time-Out: History of a Small-Town Arcade

Well for that year’s birthday, I asked for arcade money. It was one big blast of a day. My mother gave me $20 to spend and it seemed like a million to me. I was used to having two quarters (if I was lucky) to spend at the arcade and had to carefully determine what two games I was going to play. The rest of my arcade time I would spend watching others play or hoping to catch someone leave a credit on a pinball machine.

But not this day! I was able to try games I had only seen others play. I finally even played some Defender (yes it kicked my butt, like I knew it would)! I also tried every single pinball they had at the time (Gorgar and Haunted House were my favorites) and just had a total blast of a day.

If only I could warp back to the Time-Out arcade and do it all over again! But I guess that is kind of what we are trying to achieve with our game rooms.

So what is your arcade memory? Please share it in the comments section below.