The Future of Pinball Machines?

I have seen the future of pinball and it is called P3.

This amazing new platform features new developments that should lead to the first true evolution of pinball in over a decade.

Pioneered by the folks at PinballControllers.comPallows for integration with an LCD display WITHIN the game.

We are not talking about some simple animations running in the backbox here.

Instead we are talking about full ball recognition by video properties ala Pinball 2000.

Imagine if Pinball 2000 was running on the latest hardware and software, without any proprietary source code, and it was created as an open platform for anyone to create cool new pinball machines.

Well let me stop my yapping and let this video do the talking.

Ever wanted to smack a cow with a pinball? Check out this demonstration:

What about an Asteroids type of game?

Wow this is just exciting stuff. Pinball is never going to be the same after this.

If you are going to the Texas Pinball Festival, I believe the P3. will be on display there.

For more information check out the excellent interview and roundup on P3 here.