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Great New Products for the Gameroom in 2018

It’s a new year and with the weather still being pretty cold for many of us, this can be prime gameroom time.

Now might be a good time for some new game room ideas and some possible new game room decor additions for your gameroom.

With that in mind here are a few of our favorite new gameroom products for 2018:


Arcade Light Switch Plate Cover

Why have the same old boring light switch plates in your gameroom?

Check it out

gameroom-products-min-arcadeRetro Arcade Machine Handheld Gaming System with 200 Built-in Video Games

A arcade machine that you can play and just place on a table as a cool decoration.

The joystick works and everything!

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dig-dug-tshirtClassic Arcade T-Shirts

I try not to be naked in the gameroom, at least most of the time. But you have to wear your colors, right? Your arcade colors that is.

Consider checking out GrungeArcade for your retro arcade t-shirt needs. They started with several designs available, but tell me they will be adding new products regularly.

I personally just bought a Dig Dug shirt — as I never have seen anything like that for sale before (and it is so cute).


Vintage Style Gumball Machine with Stand

When I am playing pinball I usually prefer drinking beer…but if I am not drinking I am chewing bubble gum. Or maybe doing both!

This is very affordable gumball machine that still looks and feels like an old-school vintage one.

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gameroom-products-centipedeCentipede Game Storage and 37″ TV Stand

I still like to play Guitar Hero or Rock Band once in awhile. How about you?

This might be the perfect storage setup if you are like me. You can store some controllers, your XBox, some guitars, the TV and pretty much else everything else.

Too cool!

Check it out

gameroom-products-disco-lightsCrazy Disco Lights

For the price of a few lattes you can instead totally juice up the mood in your gameroom. These disco lights are pretty mind blowing considering how cheap they are.

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The Beatles Sgt. Peppers Jukebox

Looking for a jukebox that sets your gameroom apart from rest? Oh lordy is this thing a work of art.

Check out the making of video of it:

For more info

gameroom-products-trashcanTrashcan Basketball Hoop

If you are going for a truly awesome gameroom…you cannot just have a plain old trashcan. Can you?

Learn more

gameroom-products-curtainsCover Those Game Room Windows!

If you are like me, you like your gameroom dark or with controlled lighting. Also sunlight can damage artwork on pinball or arcade cabinets.

There are not many solutions for this problem…until now.

Check it out

gameroom-products-lunchboxDefender Lunch Box

I love old metal lunch boxes. They are good for decorating or for storing pinball machine bulbs or rubbers inside.

This is a cool new one made to look old…they also have a Pac-Man one and a Gauntlet!

More info

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