Pinball Review: The Getaway High Speed II

Getaway Pinball Machine

Fast-paced sequel to the 1986 game High Speed. Steve Ritchie basically took High Speed & juiced it up a bit.

Year of Production: 1992

Production Run: 13,259

Notable Features: Supercharger — a magnetic ball accelerator.

Collector Rating: B
Getaway is not very expensive compared to many other games of its era, but is a fairly desirable game. Certainly not one you will have difficulty selling down the road.

Player Rating: B
Very fun game to play with the classic High Speed elements in place. The Supercharger is a fun toy and the rules are certainly deeper than High Speed. If only they had added a bit more to the software. It does not take long at all to realize you have seen everything this game has to offer.


If you enjoyed High Speed back in the day, you will love this game. Getaway has largely the same shot layout as High Speed, the same beacon light on the top, and the same theme. With some new enhancements such as deeper rules, the amazing Supercharger, and a shifter — it is in some ways a bigger and badder version of High Speed. But I actually do appreciate High Speed slightly more overall due the the cool retro sounds, spinners, and real backglass.

What to Look for Before Buying


  1. Nothing out of the ordinary to inspect on the playfield.


  1. Check for fading in cabinet artwork, as there are reds that often are faded.

Mechanical & Technical

  1. Check that the Supercharger is working properly.
  2. See that the beacon light is there and works normally.

Recommended For

Those who like fast and straightforward games and do not care about a great deal of software depth. Fans of ZZ Top, as the game plays ZZ Top music in the background.

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