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Goodbye Netflix and Hello Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime Video has been out for a while now, but was not available for any of my devices.

But that is changed now that they have released support for the Playstation 3.

I gave it a whirl today and was very pleased with it.

Here is a review:

First download the Amazon Prime app from the Playstation Store.

Now you should have an app under TV services.

Now open up the app and you will see a very nice user interface welcoming you.

Now you have to register your device. Click on that big “Register Your Device” button. A code is generated that you enter on the web at www.amazon.com/mytv.

Now you are ready to rock. How about some 13 Assassins action?

Or maybe some Twilight Zone: The Movie?

Notice the pause view. You can easily forward, rewind, go back in the menu, or change view options.


The quality of the video and audio is as good as Netflix streaming. The app is stable and is easy to use. It supports HD video and 5.1 audio.

There is a decent amount of free content for Amazon Prime members. Since I absolutely love Amazon Prime and get it anyhow, I basically get a service very much like Netflix streaming for absolutely free.

So I have cancelled my Netflix account.

Lots of content is free for Prime members, but you do not have to have a Prime account to use this.

You can easily buy or rent movies from this same interface. It works very smoothly.


The only hiccup I have discovered is the energy settings do not seem to notice the Amazon Prime app as running. I had my settings to shut down the system after one hour of non-use. Well it kept shutting down in the middle of watching movies. I altered the setting to 3 hours, so that should do the trick during regular use.

If you are a Prime member with a Playstation 3 this is kind of no-brainer. Highly recommended for those in that case.