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New Must Have Mod for your AC/DC Pinball

AC/DC Bolts Mod

There are a lot of pinball machine mods out in the marketplace. Some are better than others.

I think we can all agree that the best mods are those that feel as if they should have originally come with the game.

This is a pretty high standard and most mods fail to meet this level.

So it is cause for celebration when there is such a mod.

We already sang the praises of the amazing AC/DC Premium pinball machine here recently.

The machine is phenomenal out of the box, however there are a number of great mods to make the game even more enjoyable.

AC/DC Bolts Mod

Most of these mods are cosmetic and not for everyone. But here is something that I think we can all agree makes the game even better.

The three lightning bolts in the game look really great, but the lighting behind them is not powerful enough. The bulb choice seems poor, it is too small and underpowered to produce the expected effect.

This mod replaces all of those lightning bolts with ones that house their own LED lighting. The bolts are littered with tons of little LEDs in the front.

Thankfully setup and install is a breeze. I don’t even think it took me beyond ten minutes total from start to finish.

You simply unscrew the old bolts, set them aside, run the new ones through, attach their connectors to the flash bulbs behind the bolts, and screw them in.

Easy peasy.

When you are done, your game is at a new level. You do not have to go looking for the change. It kinds of slaps you in the face — in a good way.

Shots to the bolts are more evident — as well as shots to the spinner.

Even though these are LEDs, what is especially nice is that the light has a very nice warm and yellow feel to it. It is not blinding white light, which is great as AC/DC already has enough harsh lighting.

This was a very smart design move.

The craftsmanship is well done and even though installation is a breeze, printed instructions do come with the kit.

If you own an AC/DC pinball machine, you should not hesitate to buy this mod.

Along with a shaker motor kit and a subwoofer amplifier — this is another must have mod for your AC/DC Premium pinball machine.

Contact Information

These are made by pinball collector Robert Campbell.

He is still working on a website, but for now you can reach him for ordering info at Hookedonpinball@outlook.com.

The price for a complete set is $129.95. You can choose black or red powder coat trim.

Shipping is $5 or $15 from outside of the US.