Pinball Review: Fireball Classic

fireball playfield

A 1970’s EM classic reborn with 80’s solid state technology

Year of Production: 1985

Production Run: 2,000

Notable Features: Rotating disk in the middle of the playfield that changes the direction of the ball.

Collector Rating: C Strangely unpopular game considering the original Fireball is still very highly sought after.

Player Rating: B+  Obviously this is a simpler game, but do not think it is easy. With huge outlanes and the spinning disk to deal with — ball times on this game are extremely low. It is very challenging to keep all 3 balls in play for any length of time.


A modern remake of the 1972 game Fireball. This features almost exactly the same art, game play, and layout of the original. The notable differences are that this remake does not have zipper flippers, instead it has regular flippers. Being a 1985 game it features solid state electronics, digital sounds, and digital scoring displays.

The first thing you will notice about this game is the large rotating disk in the middle of the playfield. The disk will toss the ball around in a very haphazard fashion and adds to the fun and challenge of the game.

You can achieve either 2 or 3 ball multiball. With 3 balls in play, scoring is tripled and with just 2 in play it is simply doubled.

Fireball has a tough, two-tiered skill shot that, even after hundreds of plays, is still hard to pull off.

The artwork in this game (like the original) is stunning. It has one of the iconic backglasses in pinball history.

What to Look for Before Buying


  1. The playfield is not coated with a clear coat, so look for wear in high use areas (such as the edges around the spinning disk).
  2. Check for broken mushroom bumpers.


  1. The cabinet artwork is prone to peeling, as it was applied as a decal
  2. The cabinet itself is more prone to damage, as it is made of particle board.

Mechanical & Technical

  1. Check that the spinning disk motor works. They can be rebuilt by Steve Young of Pinball Resource

fireball classic pinball machine

Typical Pricing

From $500 for a game needing work to $1000 for one in very nice condition.

Recommended For

This is a great game if you want a simpler old-fashioned style machine, but one with more modern technology and sound. Great value if you like the original Fireball. Fireball Classic is just as good (if not better) and is much cheaper.