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Pins and Vids 4: A New Hoax Reviewed

Game room aficionados are always starving for new content. Let’s face it; neither pinball or arcade news is exactly mainstream.

Luckily Al and Paul have stepped up to the plate with a new offering to fulfill our appetite.

Pins and Vids 4 — A New Hoax has just been released.

What is Pins and Vids?

Pins and Vids 4, like the prior versions, is a DVD compilation by Atlanta’s Al Warner and Paul Kiefert.

As the name indicates, you get features about pinball along with features about video games.

In this episode, we learn all about the making of pinball ramps, learn about Al’s Reactor arcade game, get an overview on multigame arcades, take a tour of TNT Amusements, see an interview with pinball legend Steve Kordek and more.

The Pinball Pimp also makes another appearance. I sure am jealous of his car! What a sweet ride! Bob and Bob also make a few appearances.

There is a lot of content here — over an hour and a half if you include bonus content.

Speaking of bonus content, that may have been my favorite part. It was very interesting see the custom Batman Forever Pinball 2000 machine and getting some making of details on it. I had only seen pictures of that machine before and have always been curious about it.

The DVD is also very professionally done — the editing, sound quality, video quality, and packaging are all leagues beyond previous offerings.

So what are you waiting for? You need to order this thing already.

Pinball Pimp

Pinball Pimp here. Glad you liked the car! I’ve actually taken it through a McDonalds drive-thru while on my way to pick up some HUO machines.
I still haven’t figured out why music follows me around though.


Stay in the car. The public can be tough on pimps sometimes.

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