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Thoughts on the Upcoming Avengers Pinball Machine

Well the big day has come and arrived. The pictures of the upcoming Stern pinball machine have been released to the public.

In case you are not a Stern fanboy, or comic book geek — maybe you did not realize that the next Stern release is going to be The Avengers.

The games will quite possibly be released in time for Christmas giving.

The Avengers now makes (by my count) the 79th* Stern game based on a comic book.

I was hoping for something new from Stern. In my mind I was thinking, “maybe Jersey Jack has lit a fire under them a bit?”

But noooooo…this is the same old template driven Stern release. Stern has become so predictable.

LE Playfield

In case you have missed it, the current Stern template is something like this:

  • Pick a popular theme that fanboys get all hot and bothered about.
  • Repurpose previously released artwork, pull out Photoshop pros.
  • Recycle a past layout, past playfield toys, and whatever else possible.

This looks like the same old same old.

These Avengers games may be great and make the fanboys all warm and fuzzy on the inside, but as a hardcore pinball fan and player — I do not see much here to be excited about.

I was expecting more of a leap in response to how thoroughly Jersey Jack has raised the bar in the pinball world.

Maybe Stern simply needs more time or maybe (the more likely scenario) they will just keep sticking to same old template.

As long as the fanboys keep buying, I guess you cannot blame them.

Avengers LE version

For more information on The Avengers Pinball LE and Pro models visit Stern at http://www.sternpinball.com.

* = I did not actually count the Stern games based on comic books and totally made up that number…but hopefully you get my point.