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Arcade Game Coffee Table is Pure Awesomeness

I wish I could scrape up enough change from the couch cushions to secure one of these things. It is an arcade gaming table nested inside a sweet-looking coffee table.

Here is the description from their website:

“Available in various finishes, combined with mysterious dark glass, these game tables cleverly conceal a vast playground in an elegantly handcrafted piece of furniture.

Fitted with genuine arcade parts, you’ll be sure to never miss a beat for a long time to come. The joystick can easily be switched between 4 and 8 way… and you’ll know what this means if you’ve ever tried playing Pac-Man with an 8-way!

Each arcade game table comes ready to play with both of the amazing Taito Legends packages, Midway Arcade Treasures and Atari Anniversary Edition. Over 100 games to help you re-live moments of your misspent youth…


Me want! Me want! Mercy!!!

For more information on this beast of a contraption, visit http://www.surface-tension.net.