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Arcade1Up Bringing New Classic Arcades


This hobby of collecting old school arcade games does not provide a constant influx of new products to get excited about. Such is the nature of an old school hobby. So we are extra excited to tell you about this new arcade game maker named Arcade1Up.

We have a plenty of new pinball machines released regularly with multiple companies producing pinballs, but new arcade games? Not so much…

Enter Arcade1Up with their flurry of new arcade machines priced at the very enticing price of only $299.

These new arcade machines will bring some of the most classic games in arcade history into your gameroom.

Of course with a price like $299 you might expect some tradeoffs. The cabinets are not as heavy as a real arcade machine and these games are only about 3/4 the size of a classic arcade cabinet.

Anyone around 6 feet tall or so probably will need to play these sitting down or placed on a riser (Arcade 1Up is selling one made especially for their games).

But the machines are attractive, promise true classic arcade gameplay, and these Arcade1Up classics come with multiple games all in one machine.

The initial Arcade1Up arcade offerings

Arcade1Up Asteroids Arcade Game

Asteroids Arcade

Comes with Asteroids (duh!) and also:

  1. Tempest
  2. Major Havoc
  3. Lunar Lander

Buy Asteroids Online

Arcade1up Street Fighter IIStreet Fighter II Arcade

Three different versions of Street Fighter II

Buy Street Fighter Online

Arcade1Up Rampage Arcade Game

Rampage Arcade

Also comes with:

  1. Gauntlet
  2. Joust
  3. Defender

Buy Rampage Online

Arcade1up Galaga ArcadeGalaga Arcade

Only comes with one other game — Galaxian and is a Wal-Mart exclusive.

Arcade1up Centipede ArcadeCentipede Arcade

Also comes with:

  1. Missile Command
  2. Crystal Castles
  3. Millipede

That was all Arcade1Up announced initially…but they just added one new release coming Spring 2019.

Arcade1up Final FightFinal Fight Arcade

Buy online

This classic arcade game also comes with:

  1. 1944
  2. Ghosts N’ Goblins
  3. Strider

Future Arcade1Up releases?

There are also rumors out there about a Mortal Kombat arcade cabinet, a Pac-Man arcade, and a few others. Who knows what may see from Arcade1Up down the road.

Maybe we might even see something kooky like an old school Nintendo arcade cabinet or what about an old PlayStation 2 compilation loaded with a ton of old PS2 game roms? That could be cool.

Our Arcade1Up conclusions for now

So far the Arcade1Up reviews are looking pretty good. You seem to get a lot for your money and their approach has some nice advantages:

  1. Games do not weight as much, so easier/safer to move around.
  2. Modern LCD screens vs the old TV style that are prone to issues.
  3. $299 for multi-cades is much cheaper than typical classic arcade games on the used market.
  4. Can buy at GameStop, Wal-Mart, or get shipped to your home.

But there are also some disadvantages too:

  1. Cabinets are flimsy and will likely prove to be easily damaged when being moved around.
  2. Just one speaker and not two for games like Street Fighter II that feature stereo sound.
  3. No access to dip-switch settings and such to change game settings or difficulty.

This seems like a perfect product for new gameroom enthusiasts, people on limited budgets, or collectors mostly into pinball but with space for an arcade game.

Personally I expect to put a few of these within the gameroom of my circa 1885 house on Airbnb (fyi just 2 miles from the amazing Pinball Palace).

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