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Crazy Game Rooms of the Rich

We would like to start a new regular feature on The GameRoom Blog.

We will call it Crazy Game Rooms of the Rich.

And believe me there are plenty of rich people out there with totally insane game rooms that will blow your mind.

Today’s feature is a mansion for sale at the low, low price of $6,995,000 in Washington, Utah.

This house features a pool with fountains, two home theaters, an atrium, and its own sports pub. But by far the coolest thing is the game room.

We are talking pinball machines out the ying yang, black lighting, air hockey, and a crazy amount of space in the game room. But the killer feature is the bowling alley all right in the middle of it all.

Clearly I need to work harder, as my game room looks like a coat closet compared to this.

To see more of this mansion you can go to the Zillow page here.

Also it was featured in an MTV Teen Cribs episode.