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Details Released about Upcoming Zombie Pinball

Editor’s Update: This project never came to fruition and it appears people sent money never to see it again. Be careful out there. If you have the need for a zombie pinball we suggest going here.

I have wanted a zombie pinball machine for a long time. I had planned on making a custom one, but just never found the time.

Well if I  can come up with $9,995 — I won’t have to find the time.

Ben Heckendorn, along with famed pinball designer John Papaduik have released some more details about their upcoming “Ben Heck’s Zombie Adventureland.”

Here are some details that have been released:

  1. The game will have an LCD monitor for a backglass
  2. There will be 3D parts “that you design”
  3. Only 99 will be made and you can place your order now
  4. The game will feature magnets
  5. Artwork is “hand drawn” (a dig at Stern’s Photoshop heavy art)
  6. The game will feature “zombie bowling” and UFOs
  7. The will feature WHITE RUBBER
  8. Dual ball plungers
  9. A five speaker sound system

Wow this sounds very cool. I only seem to be about $9,000 short. Please send your donations via PayPal immediately!

You can view a preview video at: http://www.pinballinventor.org/games/benheck/media/BHZA_Promo1_v02_HD.mp4.

For more information visit http://www.pinballinventor.org/games/benheck/.