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Nearly 20 Year Old Pinball Machine Found Still New in Box

My buddy Gerry recently purchased a still new in the box Road Show pinball machine for his game room. He was kind enough to share pictures with me of this incredibly rare experience.

I am not sure how many classic pinball machines from the 90’s are still out there, but I expect the numbers are amazingly low.

Gerry purchased this from an amusement company who had saved them for a future pinball museum. But those plans did not come through, so they sold a the games that they had saved.

Road Show Still in the Box from 1995

Did everything work? Any issues with the old batteries leaking you may wonder. Gerry said, “I knew before I even turned it on I would have the adjust those two pot switches for the dozer blade and Red’s mouth. And of course I did.”

“The batteries look brand new with no signs of leaking. They were dead of course. I tried them in my camera and they had no juice. What is really crazy is the 3 left lines of the DMD are flaky. You think it is still under warranty?”

I asked Gerry about the game play and he said “best way I can describe it is tight. Nothing moving or shaking or rattling. Just really smooth.”

Anyhow, enough of my yapping. Check out these pictures and relish in the joy (click on an image below to view in larger size).


Wow. Color me all kinds of jealous!


Me too…especially since I told him about it. So it could have been mine, but I am trying to be good about my pinball spending as of late.

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