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Rival Gangs Settle Dispute in the Game Room

Imagine a more modern-take on the gangland classic film The Warriors.

In today’s world, the gang fashion may have changed some and the music too. But gang members still look gritty rough and gangs still get in nasty fights with rival gangs.

These fights can get bloody violent and might even lead to some bloodshed. Right?

Woops scratch that last part…apparently the gangs of Frazier Park (The FP) don’t fight, but they “beat off” to settle their battles.

Now get your minds out of the gutter — a “beat off” is a serious match of the arcade favorite Dance Dance Revolution (called Beat Beat Revelation in the movie).

The best dancing gang gets the glory, claims ownership of the streets, and gets their pick of skankiest local biker babes.

Look for The FP at your local cinema starting tomorrow and don’t forget to bring your dancing boots.

By the way…if you end up really liking the film and want to dedicate a permanent spot on your game room wall toward it — Tyler Stout has done an excellent poster for The FP. You can find them on eBay.