The Last Gem Of The 80’s Arcade Scene

Final Fight Arcade

While the 1980’s saw a ton of great video games released in arcades all over the world. The early 1990’s were nearly just as strong.

However, there was a game released right at the tail end of 1989 that really made sure that the 1980’s ended with a roundhouse kick to the head (followed by a pile driver).

Of course the game that I am talking about is none other than Final Fight.

Final Fight was brought to us by Capcom. While not exactly popular with gamers at the moment, Capcom in the 80’s and 90’s knew what they were doing. They just gave us hit after hit — many of which are kept alive today through various sequels.

Something very interesting about Final Fight is that Capcom intended for it to be a sequel to the original Street Fighter game. It was going to be called Street Fighter ’89. However, at some point in development Capcom decided to change the game to a scrolling beat ’em up (similar to Double Dragon that was released by Technos a few years earlier).

This decision might have changed the face of video games forever.

Just imagine if this had been released as the sequel to Street Fighter instead of Street Fighter II The World Warrior? The ramifications of this could have been huge and maybe would have changed the world of gaming, as we know it.

Would the Super Nintendo have had a six-button controller if Street Fighter II never happened? Would Mortal Kombat have ever been thought of without the existence of Street Fighter II, as we know it?

Now on its own merit, Final Fight is a fantastic game. It takes everything that made Double Dragon great and improves on it in many ways.

As far as story goes, it is like it is ripped right out of a 80’s action movie.

A city is over run by a street gang known as Mad Gear. The mayor of the city is ex pro wrestler Mike Haggar, who has vowed to beat the city’s crime problem.

Well Mad Gear are not too keen on his plans, so they kidnap his daughter to make him back off.

Of course Mike Haggar is not going to take this, so you can take to the streets as him or martial arts expert Cody. Cody is the boyfriend of his daughter and is aided by his training partner, Guy.

It is pretty basic stuff — but within its simplicity lies its greatness.

Final Fight not overly complex, but it gives you a good reason to be beating the hell out of all these bad guys.

As far as game play goes — you can either play on your own or in two-player co-op. You only need two buttons one for jump and one for attack.

Each character has a super attack that does extra damage, but also takes away a little of your energy. Also by walking into enemies you can grab them and perform a few different grab-type moves.
There also is a good selection of weapons to use, ranging from things like a knife to a steel pipe. In all there are eight levels; two of which are bonus rounds to get more points.

Each stage is like a set out of a action movie and they all have a great look. They seem to come alive thanks to all the little extras that are dotted around the backgrounds.

Final Fight is a real product of the 80’s. A time when Arnold Schwarzenegger made ass kicking action movies, and Guns ‘n Roses rocked the charts with their hard rock.

Final Fight may not be a complex game, but it arguably does what it does better than any other scrolling beat ’em up before it. You will find it hard to find a better game that was released later.

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So what are you waiting for? There are some bad guys that need to be put in their place.

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