The Top Ten Sexiest Classic Pinball Backglasses Ever

Mata Hari Pinball Backglass

Do you remember being a young teenager going to arcades? Feeling awkward and filled with weird hormones?

Being too immature and unsure of yourself to actually have much contact with real girls, we fantasized about strip poker games that never happened and were naturally lured to play pinball machines with gorgeous women on them.

The marketers only knew this too well and pinball backglasses covered with beauties certainly were not a rarity.

So without further adieu, lets look at some of the best examples of the period:


May as well start with the obvious. This one gets extra credit for having humour (look for the old hag in the hot tub).

Iron Maiden

No this has nothing to do with the band. I cannot imagine something like this even getting close to being put into production today. You have to love the 80’s for stuff like this — or not.

Eight Ball

Ah Pinkie Tuscadero, now those were the Happy Days. This glass got the folks in Bally in some hot water as this obviously is The Fonz and Pinkie from the TV show.


Kind of weird to put this one in this list. I mean it is some weird kind of fish lady. But damn she is pretty too, right? This was modeled after Brooke Shields, who was all the rage at this time.

Strikes and Spares

Another classic from the 70’s. Again bonus points for humor, the legs, and another redhead.

Star Gazer

Not to be left out…classic Sterns certainly had some beauties featured on their games too.

Mata Hari

Another classic Bally backglass. In fact, Bally took over the pinball market in the 70’s largely due to their amazing art packages.


Didn’t want to leave out Gottlieb out of the fun. This is gorgeous backglass and extra credit for having two ladies instead of just one.


The artist actually modeled the male figure after himself and the lady after his wife. What a tribute! I hope they are still married.


And the most sexiest classic pinball machine backglass of all time is….drum roll. Not even sure what to say about this one. Just look at it. Aye carumba! This game has become a collectors item and I think it is largely due to this insanely awesome backglass.

Photos are all courtesy of the amazing Internet Pinball Database. Check the site out at:

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