The Top Ten Slot Machines for the Game Room

Addams Family Slot Machine

Casino style gaming can add great excitement to your game room. While online poker is popular because it can replicate the casino experience — the physical nature of the slot machine is hard to virtually realize.

Slot machines, like pinball machines…are simply works of art and really can “make the room.” Plus they can fit into small corners of the game room where you cannot fit a pinball machine or arcade game.

So here are my top ten slot machine picks for your game room.

Addams Family — Being that the most popular pinball machine of all time is also based on the Addams Family — this is a natural choice for many people.

Creature from the Black Lagoon — This features some really sexy artwork that is very close that used on the pinball machine of the same name.

Star Wars — Stars Wars is a pretty popular gameroom theme. This skill stop pachislo machine also looks totally amazing.

Spiderman-2 — I personally own this model and for any Marvel fan — it is probably the best slot out there right now.

Lord of the Rings — Have a fantasy themed game room? Here is your ticket. Also certain to look great next your Stern LOTR pinball machine.

Austin Powers — This one had me at hearing that it played the Austin Powers theme music. Oh behave!

Indiana Jones — There have been not one, but two Indiana Jones pinball machines produced. So this IJ slot would be a good fit for many of you.

Revenge from Mars — A great choice for your game room, as this is a slot machine sequel to the pinball classics Attack from Mars and Revenge from Mars.

Rock You Queen — If you are trying to make your game room a bit like the Hard Rock Cafe — this may be the pachislo slot machine for you.

Sonic Live — This is obviously for you Sega fans out there.

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