Is VR the Future of Online Gambling?

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We have covered VR before…but in this post we focus on an entire industry adapting to VR technology. In this case — the casino industry.

The casino gaming industry has grown by leaps and bounds from its beginning. It seems bigger than ever.

We have seen a spurring growth in actual casinos worldwide, but online also with offerings such as, to gaming on mobile and now — Virtual Reality casino gaming.

The Guardian informs us about predictions showing the VR software market will be close to $40 billion by the year 2020. While bets from VR casinos are expected to amount to nearly $520 billion by 2021.

This means that this industry branch will grow by an astonishing 800% compared to its growth today.

This innovation allows developers to create new age casino experiences for gamblers. Virtual Reality technology in gambling, just like in other sectors, brings something new to the poker table.

How Is VR Incorporated in Casino Games?

Players can experience the reality of huge real-world casinos, as well as engaging with others worldwide while in their home’s comfort.

Imagine being at a casino table as you watch big spenders playing craps while communicating with other players via chat.

Has VR Technology Been Embraced in Current Gambling History?

VR still is in its infancy, so expect much more growth as the tech improves. The advantages of VR casinos are pretty clear:

  • Virtual reality can provide gaming experiences unlimited by the rules of reality and physics.
  • Virtual reality allows players to interact with land-based casinos from home.
  • Players can learn by watching other experienced players as they play.
  • Players can socialize with others that are not in their same physical location.

VR games are already available in several places according to Wikipedia, with the introduction of skill-based casino games having taken place through the arrival of video gambling machines (VGMs) that give players a chance to engage in action-packed games.

ESports has not been left behind either. Fans of fantasy football and other online war games can as well be able to play their favorite games on a virtual reality platform provided by online casinos.

Final Word

For many years, casinos have shown an openness to technology to add to the gaming experience and provide new growth opportunities.

It has become evident that use of VR in the casino industry will be fascinating to watch as it grows.

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